Scavenger Hunts for Kids- Kanapaha Botanical Gardens and La Chua Trail

I have to admit that my idea of creating nature scavenger hunts is absolutely not an original one.  I came upon the idea while at Fairchild Tropical Gardens last summer – I had my 3 year old with me and I wanted very badly to take pictures of the beautiful flora.  The help desk cheerfully gave me a simple piece of paper and pencil for my son, and it opened up a new world for him.  He searched high and low for every item on the list and it make him use most of his senses.

I was inspired to create these scavenger hunts for other kids because of a few articles I recently read about how kids with ADHD can be helped by just spending 20 minutes per day out in nature.  For additional articles, simply google “nature and adhd.”  Another interesting article about the benefits of all children being out in nature:

I have created a few off-the-cuff scavenger hunts for P over the past year and a half (mostly on scrap paper, and always because he is with me while I am trying to accomplish something).  I finally thought that if I created a few templates that others might be able to use them as well.  If I can figure out how to post them so that they are downloadable, I will do so.  If I cannot, please feel free to e-mail me at and I will reply back with the printable scavenger hunts.

Kanapaha Gardens Scavenger Hunt


La Chua Trail Scavenger Hunt

University of Florida Campus Scavenger Hunt






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