Horsing Around!

After my near-death encounters with gators a few weeks ago, I decided I was brave enough again to head back out to La Chua Trail (for those of you who read the two gator encounter stories, you know I’m kidding, but I truly was scared- if you haven’t read them, just scroll back a few blogs to read about them).

It was a gorgeous afternoon, so I decided that even though it wasn’t the best lighting (late afternoon around 3:30), I needed to get out so I could get back in time to get to the Harn Museum opening of the new Asian wing (which was incredible, by the way!).

Here is a picture version of my fun walk yesterday (these are low-resolution versions- the high res versions can be seen on my facebook page):

View from the boardwalk (looking at Alachua sink)

More sunning gators in Alachua sink- taking advantage of a warm afternoon

Ready to catch a fish!

A view from the top of the lookout tower

It was a lucky day!! I got to see 3 of the wild horses (1 was off to the side- you'll see him/her next)

Caught in action- a little horse-play!

More playing around

I love these wild horses

But of course, what is a day at the Prairie without an alligator on the path? 3 out of the 3 in the past 3 weeks. Luckly this time I was way up on the lookout tower, so I just waited for him to get bored and go back into the canal.

I stomped on the wooden platform to see if that might get him to go, but it just got his attention (no movement)

Another person coming toward the lookout platform DID get his attention though. This gator eventually went back into the canal.

Have a great day!  For the high res versions, please feel free to visit my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/susannahpeddie – it will be a public photo album called “Horsing around.”

Also, please be on the lookout for the April/ May HOME Magazine– it’s a sneak peak at the new Harn Museum Asian Wing (photos taken during construction).  Thanks!

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