Bok Tower- Iron Mountain

Today I got to go back to one of my favorite places on earth – probably the first garden I ever loved because it’s in my hometown of Lake Wales, FL.

It has gotten even more beautiful over the years, but of course, change is inevitable.  I’m happy to say that the only big change is that the squirrels no longer crawl up your leg- they are actually a little timid, but still a little curious.

A curious squirrel

Koi swimming in the reflection of Bok Tower


Great words of wisdom from Mr. Bok

The beautiful tower and its reflection

Flowers next to the tower reflection pond

Just past the visitors' center

A curtain of air plants

Stone path background

The guards of the tower

One of the quietest, most serene spots on the grounds

The intricate benches

The highly manicured orange trees at Pinewood Estate

I will be back at the tower in the morning, so hopefully will get a few more different angles.

Have a great night!


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