An Alligator Adventure!

I decided to take a walk along La Chua Trail this morning- it’s always so beautiful, and it’s a great 3 miles exercise path.  As always, you never know what you will see, and I’m pretty vigilant about scanning the ground for snakes, alligators, bugs, etc…  BUT this time I was taken by surprise when I almost stepped directly in front of a decent-sized alligator.  His body was hidden from view because he was on a hill, and his head was hidden from view because he was behind a fence post.  Once my heart started beating normally again I maintained a safe distance (and was behind another fence) to begin taking pictures.

I couldn't see this gator until I was almost directly in front of it.

This big guy was on a hill so was hidden from view.

(I was behind a fence- I promise!)

The gator decided he wanted more sun so changed positions (I was meeting my friend in the parking lot when he changed positions-- maybe he thought the view was better here?).

Some people just walked around him...

While others waited for the rangers... He was not happy about losing his sunny spot.

Unhappy gator

Marching off in a huff

A very unhappy gator

Keep going!

Heading to the canal for a forced swim

On another note... great day for spotting baby gators

And for spotting clumps of big gators...

Happy trails!

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